Irene Zazians

  • Birthday: 20. August 1927
  • Birthplace: Babolsar, Iran


Irene Zazians (Armenian: Իրեն Զազյանց; August 20, 1927 — July 28, 2012), best known as Iren in Iran, was an Iranian-Armenian actress. She started acing in 1948, and became a super star in the 1950s. She cooperated with some famous Iranian new wave directors in Iran, both before and after 1979 revolution such as Samuel Khachikian, Amir Naderi, Nosrat Karimi, Masoud Kimiyayi, and Alireza Davood Nejad. Her two films after the revolution were banned, The Red Line directed by Kimiyayi and The Reward by Davood Nejad.

She also appeared in four TV series. She portrayed Mahde Olya (Nasereddin Shah's Mother) in Soltan-e Sahebgheran directed by Ali Hatami in 1976. Her role in Hezar Dastan, another TV series directed by Ali Hatami was cut out After the Iranian revolution she was banned from taking part in any artistic activities. She travelled to Germany, where she re-trained as a beautician. She returned to Iran in 1986, during the harshest time of Iran-Iraq war. Her last performance in cinema was in Shirin in 2008, a film by Abbas Kiarostami. She died of lung cancer in 2012 in Tehran, Iran.