• Birthday: 02. September 1972


Sonam Rai(birth name Bakhtawar Murad Khan) (Urdu: بختاور مراد خان ‎), better known by her screenname Sonam (born 2 September 1972, in India), is a former Bollywood actress. She is the niece of actor Raza Murad and great-niece of veteran actor Murad. Her cousin is actress Sanober Kabir.

After marrying Rajiv Rai, who had directed her in Tridev and Vishwatma in 1992 she left the industry.A son was born to her in May 1992 named Gaurav Rai.Her father-in-law was the successful film producer Gulshan Rai. She had to leave India with Rajiv Rai in 1997, after an attempt was made on his life by the Mumbai organized crime leader Abu Salem. She was then settled with her husband and son in Switzerland for a while,now she currently lives in USA with her family.[1] Rajiv occasionally continues to direct Bollywood films.