• Birthplace: Jalandhar, Punjab


Vimi (died August 22, 1977) was a Bollywood actress who acted in indian films such as Hamraaz and Patanga.

Vimi was a Punjabi girl who married Shiv Agarwal, son of an Industrialist. Music Director Ravi got introduced to her at a party in Calcutta and later invited her and Shiv to Mumbai. He introduced them to B. R. Chopra and that is how Vimi got her first film.

As Sunil Dutt sang to her (Na Sar Jhuka Ke Jeeo, Na Munh Chhupako Jeeo) the enchanting image of Vimi won the viewers' hearts. The film was a hit but Vimi seemed to be more interested in what she was wearing and her make-up rather than in the character. After separating from her husband Shiv, Vimi started living with small-time film producer Jolly but her film career never picked up. She soon turned to alcohol which killed her. She died on August 22, 1977 in Mumbai. When she died, there was not enough money to even cremate her. She was taken on a 'thela' by Jolly and a couple of other well-wishers to the Santacruz crematorium. But she is still remembered for her fragile, out-of- the- world beauty.