Biswajit Chatterjee

  • Birthday: 14. December 1936
  • Birthplace: Kolkata, India


Biswajit (full name Biswajit Ranjitkumar Chatterjee, Hindi: बिस्वजित चॅटर्जी, Bengali: বিশ্বজিৎ চ্যাটার্জী) is a Bengali/Hindi actor. He was born in Calcutta, West Bengal and later went to Bombay to do Hindi films.

After films in Calcutta including Mayamrigo (1960) and Dui Bhai (1961), Biswajit relocated to Bombay. In 1962, he performed in the film Bees Saal Baad, which was followed by Kohraa, Bin Badal Barsat, Majboor, Kaise Kahoon and Paisa Ya Pyaar.

List of his filmography includes Mere Sanam (1965), Shehnai, Aasra(1964), Night in London, Yeh Raat Phir Naa Aaygi (1966), April Fool (1964), Kismat (1968),Do Kaliyan (1968), Ishq Par Zor Nahin and Sharaarat (1972). He was mostly paired with notable actresses such as Asha Parekh, Waheeda Rehmaan, Mumtaz, Mala Sinha and Rajshree.

Biswajit appeared in Rekha's debut film Anjana Safar (1969) (later re-titled Do Shikaari). Though Anjana Safar was blocked by the censors and not released until 10 years later, a scene from the film which shows him kissing Rekha appeared on the pages of the Asian edition of Life magazine.

In between acting in Bollywood movies, Biswajit has returned to Calcutta to act in Bengali films as well. Notable ones among them include Chowringhee (1968) and Garh Nasimpur with Uttam Kumar and " Kuheli " and much later, Srimaan Prithviraj (1973) , "Jai Baba Taraknath "(1977) and Amar Geeti (1983).