Chinmoy Roy

  • Birthday: 16. January 1940
  • Birthplace: Comilla, Bangladesh


Chinmoy Ray/Roy (Bengali: চিন্ময় রায়) is a Bengali Indian male comedian actor.He is famous for his comic roles in Bengali movie, though his versatile acting talent has stunned viewers and critics alike in various kind of roles.

Though he is known for portraying various character roles,Roy is equally at ease in portraying the famous fictional character Tenida on screen.He held his own among great performers like Soumitra Chatterji,Robi Ghose and Tarun Kumar in the laugh-riots 'Basanto Bilap'.'Dhonni Meye','Nanigopaler Biye' etc.He was also seen in a short role in Satyajit Ray's "Goopy Gyne o Bagha Byne" portraying as a spy working for the Minister of Halla. However, it would be only naming a few considering there isn't enough room to mention the plethora of beautiful and honest performances he has delivered till date. Chinmoy Roy has had to deal with his health issues which had been bothering him since a long time. But, he has been working on a script of late for a film called 'Sudama- The Half Man'. The film is directed by Indo- Australian director, Rajib Ball, and he also plans on working on a few more scripts with the same director.